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    HDPE gas pipes are mainly used for the transportation of natural gas, coal gas and other gases.

    This HDPE gas pipe product has excellent corrosion resistance and ultra-low coefficient of friction.

    Reliable connection, convenient construction and long service life are its competitive advantages.

    HAILI's HDPE gas pipes use world-class PE100 grade raw materials. The diameter of gas pipes covers 16mm-1600mm, which can meet different pressure requirements.

    Over the years, HAILI's products have spread throughout East Asia, South Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa, and are the premium choice for local distributors and customers.

    2  4 6  8  HDPE gas pipe specifications
    2 4 6 8 HDPE gas pipe specifications

    The general HDPE gas pipe specifications are 2" 4" 6" 8"..., let's talk about the characteristics and specifications of HDPE gas pipe today.

    SDR11 and SDR17 PE Gas Pipe
    SDR11 and SDR17 PE Gas Pipe

    The SDR11 and SDR17 series are the first selections, SDR11 series are applicable for distributions of different kinds of gaseous media, such...

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