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    We are Inspection chamber/manhole manufacturer and suppler from china. Haili pipe have a Inspection chamber/manhole factry .

    PE inspection chamber can be divided into rainwater PE inspection chamber and sewage PE inspection chamber according to their uses. The application fields are divided into PE inspection chamber for building district drainage and PE inspection chamber for municipal drainage.

    Most of the inspection part of the PE inspection chamber is a one-time injection molding, and the fittings such as reducing joints, variable angle joints and rubber sealing rings are used to achieve the connection of changing the pipe diameter and angle.

    Compared with traditional brick, PE and PVC material inspection chamber, SMC inspection chamber are of stable quality, lighter weight, higher strength, superior sealing, waterproof performance and anti-corrosion performance. Meet the design needs of various projects.

    The SMC inspection well produced by HAILI is easy to install, efficient in drainage, strong in bearing capacity, has a service life of 50-70 years, low maintenance costs, comprehensive cost, and has extremely excellent application space and market prospects.

    Over the years, HAILI's products have spread throughout East Asia, South Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa, and are the premium choice for local distributors and customers.

    Polyethylene (PE) Inspection Chamber Manhole
    Polyethylene (PE) Inspection Chamber Manhole

    The Polyethylene (PE) Inspection Chamber Manhole produced by our company have superior performance and reasonable price. Welcome to consult.

    SMC plastic inspection manholes supporting with the pipes
    SMC plastic inspection manholes supporting with the pipes

    The SMC plastic inspection manholes supporting with the pipes produced by Haili supporting with the pipes are convenient in installation, ef...

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